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Danny de HekWhat a shocking service to be selling Facebook Likes! I’ve been doing Internet Marketing for a long time (Since 1994) and their is always something out their to help speed up the marketing process and this has to be one of them.

Let’s be clear you are not buying an audience to market to you are simply buying a number.

I know users have more respect for a “Facebook Page” that has 500-1000 likes than one that only has 25! The hardest part of promoting a new Facebook Page is getting it of the ground and this is what this service is all about, If you already have a few artificial “Likes” this is going to increase the chances of getting quality “Likes” from your Target Audience.

So dont take this service to seriously “It is just a number” and once you have that number do some searching on Google for “Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page”

You need to have people sharing your content/post and visiting your Facebook Page leaving comments so having 1,502 likes, 4 talking about this and only 13 were here tells me your “Likes” are artificial as no one is interacting with you. Learn ways to write great content and then share it with active users by doing this it will help build your Target Audience.