dannyThis is a copy of my TradeMe Auction description, it’s me thinking outside the square…  “how can I get a little bit more money for a old New iPhone 5s 16GB”

This is a brand-new phone I got FREE for signing up for another two years with Vodafone! The money I get from this phone will be used at the Casino, The Pub, Parking Fines and if my partner is lucky I’ll probably even get some takeaways so we can watch the rugby together at home.

The iPhone has changed my life, I live with dyslexia and our use voice recognition to overcome many obstacles that dyslexic people face in business/life! Did you know I studied at the “University of Dyslexia“? (Yep Very Clever Guy)

This is not just a phone!!

This is a business tool, do you have a God-given iMac or MacBook? You can synchronise the content on your iPhone and Desktop have it all in the iCloud. My Beats headphones help enable me to answer my phone calls on my computer screen, people send me a text I answer it using Voice Recognition and send it directly of my Desktop using iMessage.

You are bidding on far more than just an iPhone 5S 16GB this is a new way of life, a real peace of technology you can hold in one hand! I must say, if you really want to embrace technology do NOT bid on this iPhone 5s go get yourself the latest iPhone 6 Plus. Even if you have to take the credit card of the wife, sell your daughter on the streets, sell drugs to small children just do what you need to get this technology into your hand.

If you live in the demolished City of Christchurch and are going to pick up this phone in person, I would love to show you how I use this technology!

I recommend you watch a couple of my videos.