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Letter of Understanding

Danny de HekWhy NewZealandNZ.co.nz Limited is more than just a website.

Unlike conventional web-hosting sites, NewZealandNZ.co.nz Limited is a large, Internet marketing company that undertakes to market the clients/businesses who use our services via our extensive online network and extremely powerful web server.

While we do create websites (and of course host them), our main function is the marketing of our clients, products and services through our huge information network. That network can be visualised as a very, very long fishing line set with thousands of hooks. These hooks are the key words and phrases that are in fact bait for the millions of users searching the Internet.

It should be noted that with almost 2-decades of online experience to call on, we do not use what many consider ‘standard’ online marketing techniques. Many of the systems and methods of promoting websites that we have developed we keep confidential. They are what help make NewZealandNZ.co.nz Limited the unique and successful online marketing company it is. The power of our marketing network is very evident and is measurable at the touch of a computer key.

In order to better understand exactly how we work, imagine that NewZealandNZ.co.nz Limited is a large shopping mall with hundreds of thousands of customers moving through it 24-hours a day. Many conventional web-hosting services can be compared to small stand-alone shops operating in quiet streets with limited traffic flow.

Our many clients lease their shops in the busy mall from us, and we as owners of the mall, provide the premises (in the form of a website). We also, fit out the shops by providing all the relevant technology, web design, signage, copy and images as appropriate.

In order for clients to use our services, we charge an initial set-up fee to create their websites and a monthly fee for the use of our marketing network.

As a client you retain ownership on all the elements that you supply for the website, such as logos, photographs and any written material used.

New ZealandNZ.co.nz Limited retains ownership of the website template, all the relevant technology and all photographs and copy elements and domain names created and registered by us.

Clients often ask us if they can have their own domain name? The short answer is yes. We encourage our clients to have their own domain names and email addresses, and while these can and do work in conjunction with our network, we will also use appropriate phrases we believe will best work to market our clients and their products and services. In many cases, we will search those phrases and where appropriate, we may create and register a domain name that relates to that phrase, or phrases, to provide more marketing ammunition for our clients. That domain name remains our property.

Another question that we are often asked is, ‘can I edit the website myself?’

In most cases the answer is no! The security of our network, our server and our clients is paramount and we can not risk these being compromised in any way. It is possible for clients to edit the product content and pages on the on-line shops on our shopping network, however it is highly recommended checking with us first! This is to ensure we do not lose any valuable data or optimised content. In most cases your monthly fee will cover any minor edits you request us to do.

Another question often asked is ‘can we use the website on another server or through another host?’ No, we do not permit clients to transfer or copy any website we create on their behalf. Even if we did, in all probability, the incompatibility of the various technologies and systems involved would not allow it.

If you choose to leave NewZealandNZ.co.nz Limited, we retain ownership of the website. Material supplied by you will be removed from the site and the website and material created by us may be reused with another client operating a similar business.

Currently our network contains more than 5,000 web pages and averages approximately 60,000 page hits a day – making it one of the most successful marketing networks of its type in the world. We hope you will take advantage of it for your business.

We hope this brief explanation of how NewZealandNZ.co.nz Limited operates has answered any questions you might have had.


About the Author:

Danny de Hek
Like most people, I have many passions, goals and dreams. As a self made business professional, my focus is helping my clients, associates and friends, build, strengthen and maintain their success. It would be fair to say I am in the full time business of building relationships and feel my purpose and skill is connecting the right people with the right people. My professional work tends to dominate my personal life, to the horror of my partner and business mentor. They both fully support me yet give me the hard truths when I need to hear this. I am always investing in my personal development to have a fulfilled work/life balance. I enjoy Target Shooting, Hiking & Mountain Biking to clear the brain and to take the guilt away when indulging at a quirky cafe for a cooked breakfast or brunch. My passion for travelling has seen me experience the world on many occasions, my next adventure will be doing the Tibet Rail Journey on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway from Lhasa to Golmud as long as they have Wi-Fi aboard ;-) I have many goals I still wish to achieve but am pretty chuffed that I have accomplished so many of these already.

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