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People that know me would agree with this… “Danny de Hek has an obsessive relationship with technology” I love to share it with likeminded people and enjoy teaching others how to setup, install and use anything to do with computers, apps and software applications. If I don’t know how to do something I will know someone via my Networks who does!!

I have been designing, developing and hosting websites since 1995 and I feel the service and the strategies I have on offer are the best in the industry. I provide affordable website packages  for small to medium businesses and deliver results for my steadily growing clientele.

I create the website structure and help guide you with getting the right content, by doing this, it will help your website rank high in the search results. In short, I setup your Website, Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn Accounts the way they should be and then teach you how to manage it yourself.


Bloody Mosquitoes

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About two weeks ago I posted on three different social media platforms (Neighbourly, Linkedin and Facebook) the mission was to get engagement and build some new online relationships. I needed something current, some sort of sympathetic content that people would feel pity with a need to help out so this is what I came up with

Dale Carnegie Training – Principles For Enhancing Relationships

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Recently I had the privilege of doing a three day course with Brian Anderson, who is a Dale Carnegie Trainer. Myself and fifteen like-minded people completed the "Skills for Success" programme. This was truly an amazing experience!

Elite6 Business Networking Epic Adventure

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I’ve have had the privilege of owning Elite6 Business Networking for three and a half years. Over this time we have built a strong foundation of members who truly understand the value of having a business family, who care about each other, who can offer support and give advice to each other and build strong relationships in the process.

Become a Toyboy and help Older Ladies

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I should have been working, however I decided to go for walk through Northlands Shopping Centre. I saw this beautiful, stylish elderly lady standing in the middle of the arcade with a walking stick. I didn't ask, but I think she would have been in her mid 80’s. We made eye contact - she signalled for me to come over, so I did.

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