Who is Danny de Hek?

In short I’m a serial entrepreneur, connector, a person of influence. I’m that guy who knows everybody. I’ve put together my website for a bit of shameless promotion for my services.

How do I make my living?

I own and run a beautiful little company called Elite6 Business Networking. My clientele pay me a monthly Membership fee to be part of this business family. This niche company supports start-up’s and small to medium size businesses. At our weekly meetings people are encouraged to share their experience, knowledge and skills.

What’s my background?

Academia has never been my forte. I’m 100% self-appointed and I’m proud to say I have the gift of Dyslexia. Technology has helped me overcome multiple stumbling blocks. Arguably, I have been an expert on Internet marketing since 1994. These days I specialise in Content Management Systems (CMS), WordPress and Shopify. The service I provide is educating people on how to manage their own websites. These days I only host a handful of websites for my loyal clientele. Read More…

Danny de Hek New Zealand
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Does Networking Work?

Technology maybe destroying your business relationships - is there a better way to connect with people in the modern world?

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Business Networking with a Twist

A new and fresh approach to networking with a twist. Instead of pitching your business you give support and advice to like-minded businesses on the round table.

LinkedIn Master

LinkedIn, is it really a business tool? Have you gone through all the motions, set up your profile, had people ask you to connect, connected with them and then that’s it.

  • Elite6 Point of Difference

Elite6 Point of Difference

I believe what we offer is one of a kind. Our main point of difference is, members get to talk for 5 minutes each in a table of up to six. This is where we get our name from.

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Content is King

As many of you may know I live with the gift of dyslexia and to be honest it probably helped me along the way to learn how the Internet worked.

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Website Architecture

Can you imagine living in a house that wasn’t designed by an architect or better still have you ever walked into a house that has been properly designed and instantly you think boy I would love to live here?

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