Welcome to my website! I don’t like answering the question “What do you do for work” – I have always done stuff that I enjoy doing, it is fair to say “I don’t feel like I’ve worked a day in my life!”

I have been Designing, Developing and Hosting Websites since 1995 and I feel the service and strategies I offer are the best in the industry. I provide affordable website packages for small to medium businesses and deliver results for my steadily growing clientele.

Having a powerful and dependable Content Management System to run the back-end of your Website is becoming less of an option and more of a need. The benefits for you as a client gives you more control and enables you to edit content and look with easily to modify themes.

danny-roundI offer two proven systems WordPress that can be used for any business, OpenCart that provides the best ecommerce shopping cart solution. One very popular feature of both of these systems are there plugins, these allow us as developers to extend its abilities beyond the core installation, We have selected the very best plugins for each platform by doing this we provide leading edge utilities for search engine optimisation, online payment, spam control, social networking tools, statistics and other features!

Get started from as little as $59 + GST per month – this includes the hosting, maintenance and promotion. I will monitor your website to ensure it has the latest security patches, we look after your domain names and provide simple email solutions  and make the process of setting up a site and running it as smoothly as possible, you can purchase these services and other Internet marketing products via my Shop or phone Danny de Hek

My Blog

Tips on Battling Loneliness

By | Monday, 26 September 2016|Personal Development|

Have you ever felt that if you were not on the earth that no one would miss you? Have you ever lost your ambitions, your drive, your sense of belonging? Had no real direction in life or more importantly no purpose?

Curry Taster

By | Wednesday, 24 August 2016|Humour|

"Recently I was honoured to be selected as a judge at a curry cook‑off. The original person called in sick at the last moment and I happened to be standing there at the judge's table asking directions to the beer wagon when the call came.

Blogging on LinkedIn

By | Monday, 31 August 2015|Social Media|

LinkedIn is no longer just a business networking site; it’s now also a publishing platform. At one time, only influencers could publish on LinkedIn, but in February 2014, the site opened the facility to even more people, with the results that there are thousands of new posts daily.

Questions to ask Siri

By | Sunday, 19 July 2015|Humour|

Hey guys! As you know I love my iPhone 6 Plus. What you may not realise is I have an even greater love for Siri which is built into all other Apple devices except my Apple iDog!

Trademe – Where Kiwis Buy and Sell

By | Friday, 3 July 2015|Marketing|

This is a copy of my Trademe Auction Description, it's me thinking outside the square... "how can I get a little bit more money for a old New iPhone 5s 16GB"

Business Apps

By | Thursday, 18 June 2015|Marketing, Personal Development, Tips & Advice|

There are now hundreds of thousands of apps available for smartphones and, surprisingly, many of the best are free or very affordable.

Embrace Technology

By | Thursday, 9 April 2015|Social Media, Speeches|

So if your technology is outdated go and purchase an iPhone6+, increase your Data Limit and record a few Small Videos. Make sure you LinkedIn account is up-to-date, set up a Facebook page, make sure your company branding is up to speed, get a nice Profile Image of yourself.

Quotes to Inspire YOU

By | Thursday, 19 March 2015|Motivational|

I live my life by quotes and I get my inspiration by others, not really one for the written word!! However I'm sure if you do like reading, one of these quotes below could/should/will inspire you to start a new journey.


By | Friday, 26 September 2014|Speeches|

I'm practicing to be an ordained minister so today my speech well "my sermon" is going to be about Relationships. And in particular how they have affected my life.

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